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LPAC 2016 Photo Day: Open Studio

Please join us at Locust Performing Arts Center Sunday, May 1, 10am to 5pm for an exclusive photo day. Everyone is welcome--dancers and families can have a custom portrait session.


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Cost: $50 per photo session.Discounts for multiple photo sessions. A photo session is a 10-minute block of time when you can pose for a

  • Dance photo in one costume
  • Headshot
  • Individual portrait
  • Family photo
  • Friends

For an additional costume, or a different combination of individuals or family members, please schedule additional 10-minute photo sessions.

  • Images from all photo sessions will be posted online in a private, password protected gallery.
  • Included with each photo session are both low and high resolution downloads of all exposures (except obvious duds).
  • Prints from all images will be available to order at additional cost. Price list.

--A dance photo includes a full-length photo AND close-up photo, in costume. At least 8 exposures will be made. A dance photo can by a small group.

--A headshot includes at least 12 close-up images. Costume and hair can be changed, but please understand others are waiting and the photo session is limited to 10 minutes.

--Individual portrait and family groups includes at least 12 images.


Schedule your appointment now. See below.


Questions: Jim Kahnweiler, Photographer

203.979.1507 [email protected]


Schedule your photo sessions here. Choose only May 1. Times will drop-down.


Need more than one photo session? Select Products/Packages NOW for discounted prices. Then proceed to scheduling.


Thanks. See you May 1.